Exercises that Burns Fat

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

Have you bought into the lie that the only way to effectively lose weight is through hours of boring cardio? If so, you are not alone. So many women have, only to find that long form cardio only works for a short period of time before bringing them to a plateau. Not only that, long form cardio has no effect on body composition meaning you can lose weight as a cardio bunny, but you will be losing both fat and muscle, basically becoming a smaller version of what you already are. You won’t look any leaner or more fit from spending hours on a treadmill...and you will be bored out of your mind! So...what does work? Strength training and HIIT. Here’s why you should hit the weights instead of the treadmill…

Strength training builds lean calorie burning muscle.

The only way to get lean and look fit instead of skinny fat is to increase your muscle mass. Because women lack the testosterone needed to bulk up, their muscle gains are going to be small. However, lifting weights will help you build muscle and shape your body. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your resting metabolic rate will be. It is estimated that for every pound of muscle you gain, your body burns 35-50 more calories per day. So, 4 pounds of muscle means 120-200 more calories per day burned, which is 10 pounds per year, while your body is at rest!

Strength training strengthens your bones.

Weight training not only builds muscle, it builds bones as well. Increasing your bone density fights against osteoporosis later in life. In addition, it will help keep you from injury. In the same way you increase the need for your muscles to work hard during a strength training workout, you are also requiring your bones to work - strengthening them as well. One study found that women who did high-intensity weight training two days per week, for a full year, increased bone density by one percent, while those not in a weight training program actually saw a decrease in their bone density.

Strength training shapes your body.

Without weight training you can lose weight, but with weight training you can actually sculpt your body. If you want to see definition in your arms, abs and legs, then you are going to have to grow those muscles while shedding fat. Weight training is by far the most effective way to do that.

Keep in mind this means your overall weight loss might not be as rapid, but with a solid strength training program you will see fat loss and get a leaner, more shapely version of you. So the number on the scale might not move as quickly as you’d like, but what you look like will change drastically!

HIIT workouts burn fat more effectively.


An effective HIIT workout burns calories during your workout, but then continues to burn calories long after your workout is complete. The simplest way to explain this is you are requiring more of your body during high intensity intervals in terms of the way your body gets and uses oxygen. After your workout is done, your body continues using that same pathway as it is repairing your muscles.

HIIT keeps your body guessing. 

In addition, HIIT keeps your body guessing, which keeps your body working. Over time, your body becomes more efficient at running. For example, the first time you stepped on a treadmill to run, you probably found it more challenging than the 30th time. That’s because your body adapted and learned how to use less energy (calories) the 30th time than the1st time. That’s why you see a lot of weight come off when you initially start running, but then eventually see a plateau...unless you run longer! Your body adapts and you conserve your energy, which means you burn less the longer you engage in long form cardio workouts.

HIIT speeds up your metabolism.

Research has also shown that HIIT workouts increase your body's resting metabolic rate for 24 hours after your workout is complete. Simply put, your metabolism speeds up for 24 hours after your HIIT workout. Who doesn't want to speed up their metabolism even when they’re not working out?!

Want to learn how to incorporate effective nutritional strategies while working through an effective workout program that utilizes both strength training and HIIT workouts to maximize your fat loss results? Join the next round of my FASTer Way to Fat Loss and learn how to live a healthier, more fit lifestyle!